Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is FastWave?

A. FastWave is a Las Cruces broadband internet provider. We offer wireless broadband solutions for home, small businness, and corporate accounts.

Q. How fast is FastWave?

A. FastWave considers 300k/sec to be the minimum workable speed. Any slower and we not install, you owe nothing. Our clients get, on average, 2 Mbps - 5 Mbps, which supports online gaming, voice and video chat, and streaming music and hi-definition movies from services like Netflix. Fastwave speeds are bi-directional, which means you have just as much upload speed as download, which means you can share videos online just as fast as you can watch them! This is one thing that sets us apart from DSL or cable, where your upload speeds could be 10x slower than download.

Speed depends on how fast your computer and LAN is, how close you are to one of our towers, and how much interference is in your area; just like your favorite radio station gets fuzzy around the same places.

Q. How do I get FastWave internet service at my home?

A. Call 521-3000 or email info@fastwave.biz

Q. What does installation of FastWave include?

A. Install includes one Ethernet drop from antenna to reasonable inside access and demonstration of operation on installer's computer. Additional hardware, software and programming is available for additional charge. Client agrees to a one year contract, plus any additional features and services subject to our Fair Use A greement published on our web site: www.fastwave.biz/use.html. If you can get line-of-sight to one of our towers, we will install your connection on the spot !!

Q. How much does it cost to install FastWave?

A. Our standard installation is $50 plus the pro-rated service fee through the end of the month.

Q. How much does FastWave cost per month?

A. Service starts at $50 per month. Please refer to our Services for a breakdown of costs for various service levels.

Q. Can I have an example of how to pay for FastWave?

A. Example: Basic Service up to 3Mb/S with unlimited Download - monthly 50.0 plus tax = 53.97. At time of Install must pay Install fee 50.0 and first FULL month 50.0 total w/tax 107.93. We accept online payments (credit cards, electronic check, PayPal), paper check or credit card by phone or in person. You must fill out the Fastwave contract at time of install. All options are listed on the front page of the contract.

Q. Does FastWave work in my area?

A. Fastwave's wireless ISP (WISP) service extends over approximately 3000 sq. miles in Las Cruces, T or C, and surrounding areas. A site survey is always performed before an install. If local obstructions or conditions would prevent adequate quality of service, our technicians will offer to cancel the install and there will be no charge. You can call our office to see if your home or business is inside our service area or to request that service be extended to cover your neighborhood.

Q. Do I need a second phone line or DSL to use FastWave?

A. No! FastWave is completely wireless Internet access. No phone of any kind is required.

Q. My connection is slow or unresponsive, what's wrong?

A. Power cycle your radio. Find the little black or white box, that says "Power Over Ethernet" or "POE" on it. Pull the power cable out for thirty seconds, and plug it back in.

Q. What virus scanner do you recommend?

A. We recommend AVAST anti virus. AVAST is an easy to use product, which has a no cost license for home use.

Q. Do I need a software firewall?

A. The radios that we install can operate as firewall routers for small networks of wired computers. WiFi and its security is the responsibility of the customer. The use of a software firewall and anti-malware software is always recommended.

Q. What email settings do I need?

A. Fastwave uses Google Apps for email service. You can find detailed instructions for many platforms here. We recommend using IMAP instead of POP3.

Q. I use peer to peer programs such as bit torrent, edonkey, kazaa, morpheus, and winmx; are these against your terms of service?

A. Yes, all peer to peer programs are against our terms of service as they cause problems that are unique to the wireless infrastructure. We operate on the three strike policy - if it causes us a problem three times, we will terminate your service.
Fastwave customers are expected to abide by the same terms of service as those provided by our upstream providers: Link

Q. How much bandwidth use is acceptable?

A.In general, we do not meter, limit, or cap data transfer like other broadband providers. If you are using excessive bandwidth to the detriment of other customers, we may take actions including temporarily limiting your connection speed. In most cases, excessive bandwidth use is due to peer-to-peer programs, which are against our terms of service (see above).

Q. Can I be notified of planned outages in the Fastwave network?

A. Yes, please send an email to info@fastwave.biz requesting to be added. Call the office if you need assistance.

Q. Is there a late payment fee?

A. Yes, payments are considered late after 30 days. After that, a $10.00 plus tax late fee will be applied.